Provide Access to Clean Water for the Entire World for $50 Billion... Chump Change!

Posted by Keith Zendler on Keith Zendler on 05/28/2013


I was reading in my World Vision magazine and saw that 780 million people in the world don't have access to clean water. If you haven’t looked into this issue, basically almost everything bad happens when you don’t have convenient access to water. 

First, when you have to drink polluted water (need I elaborate on what is in it?) people get sick and often die resulting in an incredible loss of productive time and increased medical costs (plus it’s just bad). Then, when you can’t get water easily, women and children can’t go to school because they are spending all their waking hours searching for and fetching water.   When you have women and children that aren’t educated, lost economic productivity again (and I submit that nations that empowered women throughout history are those that have thrived).  Oh, and when you have educated women, birthrates go down dramatically, solving the world’s overpopulation issue.  There are many more ramifications of not having clean water, but these reasons should be compelling enough.   Basically, if everyone can’t get clean water, we end some of the most persistent diseases, get the whole world working and in school and reduce populations to sustainable levels.

Pretty good, eh?   But how much will it cost?

So, if you have 780 million people without access, let’s say you drill a nice well that can serve 500 people on average (that may or may not be the right number so please, give me better assumptions).   That would mean you’d need 1.56 million wells.   Let’s round up to 2 million wells giving a well for every 390 people.   From, it looks like an average well complete with training and education costs $10,000.

That means to build 2 million wells it would cost $20 billion.   That would be less than the cost of 3 months of the Iraq War ($8 billion a month).

But let’s say we need to double the cost because we’d have to work through massive corruption and inefficiencies.  Ok, $40 billion.

And then we’d create another big bureaucracy that would need juice to run and waste a lot of money, so let’s add $10 billion, putting us at $50 billion.

$50 billion and we’d provide clean water to the entire world, solving major diseases, improving education, unleashing global economic productivity and reducing populations sustainably!!

That’s nothing for the world to come up with IF WE WANT TO.   For reference, the SECOND bailout for Greece was $170 billion.  We could come up with numerous examples of how little this amount of money is but the point is, WE CAN END THIS MOST BASIC PROBLEM FOR HUMANITY NOW.

What do you think?  How should we move this forward?   How about we create a “Community” here for all the water project organizations of the world to work together and get this over the goal line?

If you think this is worth building some momentum for, why not share this around your networks and even take a few minutes and join our community here on Peoplemovers?


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